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Marian Ericksson

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Marian Ericksson
Associate Professor
(979) 845-6638
Undergraduate Education
B.A. Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
Graduate Education
M.S. Wildland Resource Science University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. Forest Resource, University of Minnesota

Professional Summary

Dr. Marian Ericksson joined Texas A&M University faculty in the former Department of Forest Science in 1995. Dr. Ericksson specializes in statistics and forest biometrics and is the associate editor of Forest Science

Research Interests and Specializations

Dendroecological modeling of southern pines, Estimation of growth from point sampled data, Spatial statistics, Locational integrity of GIS databases, GIS based decision support systems, Modeling of harvesting behavior by private landowners, Expert system modeling of plant hormone interactions, Statistical graphics

Recent Publications

Marcell, W, M. Eriksson, S. Popescu. 2009. Systematic Sampling of Scanning Lidar Swaths. In: Proceedings of SILVILASER 2009. Popescu, Nelson, Zhao, and Neuenschwander, Eds. October 14-16, 2009. College Station TX, pp. 184-192.

Li, Bo, M. Eriksson, R. Srinivasan, and M. Sherman. 2008. A geostatistical method for Texas NexRad data calibration,. Environmetrics, 19(1): 1-19.

Williams, M.S. and M. Eriksson, 2002. Comparing the two paradigms for fixed-area sampling in large-scale inventories. Forest Ecology and Management 168: 135-148.

Meyer, Thomas H, M. Eriksson, and R.C. Maggio. 2001. Gradient Estimation from Irregularly Spaced Data Sets. Mathematical Geology, 33(6): 693-717.

M. Eriksson and P .P . Siska. 2000. Understanding anistropy computations. Mathematical Geology, 32(6): 683-700.